10 Steps to Revamp Your WordPress Site to Win Over Customers

The title might look like the sub title of a bestselling self-help book. But, it is not. It is a remedy to help you win over your traditional and unconventional customers. Some business domains have seen customers stop coming to the website, especially those made using WordPress because of outdated designs. However, veteran online marketing professionals can judge the reason for the decline in conversion. Therefore, it is ideal for WP users to update their websites with the latest design trends in a year or after each two years. Here are some steps that you need to take while updating your WP site.

1. Take A Back Up

Well, this is one of the most important steps of your website redesigning process. You will need to take a back up of your website. During the redesigning process, you might lose some valuable data. Therefore, you should take an advance back up of your website. In this way, you should secure the important data of your website.

2. Look at Close Rivals

Well, it is an unconventional process but looking at rivals can help you in understanding the upcoming and existing design trends. Therefore, you should go out (virtually) to research on the websites of your rival business organizations. You should also look at the transformation process of already transformed websites. This will help you in paving the way for further rides.

3. Search for New Designs Virtually

In this way, you can look at the design awards to understand the constant & rising changes. To do so, you can visit www.awwwards.com. This is a one-stop solution for all of your design related research. You only need to get to this site to understand upcoming changes in the designs of websites. It will be a simple way for you.

4. Keep Something Symbolic                 

When it comes to redesigning, it is necessary for business owners to keep something symbolical of their previous look & feel. I do the needful because some design stuff like logos should be carried over with all the design changes. It simply enhances the visibility of your website. Customers will be able to recognize your website right after noticing your logo.

5. Find Your Designer

After understanding the design related changes in the websites on your own, you can begin your search for a creative and upbeat designer, who can help you in creating high quality websites. Your website would be great.

6. Share Your Expectations

Now, you need to share your ideas and expectations with your designer. After researching for a while, you will have plenty of design related ideas. So, you should share your ideas with your design team. It will help you in getting what you require to win over your customers.

7. Kick start Designing Process

Now, you need to ask your designer to start creating the prototype design for your website. Later on, you can make further changes for the appropriate look & feel of your website. In this process, you should let your designer play with Photoshop and other designing tools without interrupting every now & then.

8. Review Your Prototype Design

In this step, you are required to suggest the necessary changes in the PSD files for your website design. Post this step, it will be difficult for your designer to make changes.

9. Convert In WordPress

Now, your designer will make slices of your design and create CSS & HTML files of your website. Further, your design resources will convert the files into WordPress live on your revamped website.

10. Enjoy Your Redesigned Website

Yes! You can now enjoy your revamped website, which will have all the needed tools to help you win over the concurrent cyber world.

So, just take your first step right after reading this post.