OpenCart – SEO Practices That Could Multiply Your E-Commerce Sales

Although famous for their robustness and dynamism, OpenCart PHP online shopping systems need good SEO to produce good results. In this brief post, we’re going to explore several tips that one can take advantage of to boost their OpenCart store online. Read on.

1. Video Marketing Works Wonders

Modern-day, media-savvy consumers expect your marketing program to deliver an online shopping experience that engages their visual senses. High quality videos improve the look and feel of your OpenCart website, motivating visitors to make more frequent purchases. Besides that, this marketing strategy is sure to bring you huge and consistent traffic.

2. Don’t Have A Robot.Txt File? Create One

A robots.txt file is put on a site to tell search engines which page you’d like them to visit. Although it’s not a mandatory requirement for search engines, it’ll do you more good than harm to have this file around. Search engines often ignore sites and pages that do not have this crucial file. Look for robots.txt code and upload it to your OpenCart root directory.

3. The Hidden Dangers of Duplicate Content 

Search engines are very harsh on sites that appear to have duplicate content. But here’s the problem. OpenCart does not handle re-directs from and the other one is This unfortunately sends a false signal to the search engines that you’re running two different websites – but with duplicate content. To avoid a penguin SEO slap, you need to correct this. How? By editing your .htaccess file (that is, if your host allows you), so search engines don’t get mixed up when people visit your website from or

4. Optimize Each Page Individually

Each page of an OpenCart online platform can be identified by search engines as an individual page provided it is optimized appropriately. For example, if you have five pages selling different products say A, B, C, D, E, a user specifically looking for page A will find it via search engine as an individual page. This makes it easier for merchants to market product-by-product rather than a single block of products under one company name. The trick to making the most of this opportunity is to optimize each individual page that is part of your OpenCart online platform. This is done by providing meta descriptions, optimized titles and relevant keywords to make it easier for major search engines to capture your data. Just be sure to include the product’s name in the title, description and relevant keywords to make it more searchable.

5. Customize your URL

Don’t get comfortable with the default URL address that OpenCart provides as this will make it harder for you to rank atop results for your keywords. You should make it shorter and more meaningful to your individual needs. How? Just click on the settings tab on your dash-board panel and set the URL’s radio to YES. Go to your hosting control panel and rename the access file from htaccess.txt to .htaccess. Then enter the product information category together with the correct SEO keywords under the category you want to have a URL re-write.

6. Create an XML Sitemap For Crawlers To Get A Clear Of Your Site

Don’t just rely on the HTML sitemap that OpenCart provides you with by default. To get your site properly indexed you’ll need to create another XML sitemap and upload it to your directory. This will in turn make it easier for the likes of Bing, Yahoo and Google to index your pages.

7. Intervene To Get Indexed Faster

You don’t have to wait until search engines figure out on their own that your site is up and running. You can get indexed faster by simply submitting your URL to these platforms. Start by submitting your OpenCart site to the big three search engines that are Bing, Yahoo and Google. Sign up for Webmaster tools that are available (you need a Google account to use Google Webmaster tools).

8. Use A Clean & Responsive Theme

Choose a theme with a clean design and lots of features so you have a profitable online shop within a short time. You basically need a theme that looks great on tablets, desktops, and mobile phones – one that delivers the ultimate experience for the end users. Besides that, you want a theme that is ingeniously designed to give you high conversion while retaining a whole great design that is amazing to the eye. A good theme helps search for robots to make it easier to get your site data and this means that your site will index faster and definitely rank higher in SERs.

9. Social Media & Blogging Are The Way To Go

Chances are that your customers are active on Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn. For this reason you need to embark on thorough social media marketing. Spend some time studying your social media audience to learn their trends, interests and expectations. Once you have this information at your finger-tips, you’ll be in a position to tell which marketing method perfectly suits your OpenCart online shop. Get Blogging – Your OpenCart site can perform even better if you create a separate blog for it. Most online shoppers long for a place where they can engage with you and learn more about the products and services you’re marketing to them. A blog provides just the right platform for this. What’s more? A blog will increase traffic to your site and this will definitely bring with it good results for your SEO performance. So make sure you get a blog to tap into the maximum traffic potential of your OpenCart eCommerce online shop.

10. Track Your Performance Via Google Analytics

In order to find out how your site is performing, you need to frequently analyze data trends. For this reason, you need a tool that is capable of storing all this information so that you can always find it, analyze it and decide on the best way forward. We recommend installing Google Analytics for your online store. Google Analytics offers information for free and has eCommerce tracking abilities that you can take advantage of to get granular with your OpenCart website data.

There are many ways to boost your OpenCart SEO ranking but the few we’ve shared with you above are the most important ones that you need to take good note of. Kindly make good use of them.