A Complete Guide to WordPress Accessibility

WordPress is the simplest and most sought-after way to make your personalized website or blog. It is so popular that WordPress powers 40 % of the websites on the internet. It gives you the power to design your website completely to your needs and liking. However, When designing your WordPress site, you should keep in …

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Playing in Indian Online Casinos? Important Facts to Know

The most popular payment options in India Listed below are the top payment methods used by players in India at online casinos. Credit and debit cards (Visa or MasterCard) Bank transfer Paytm Paypal Neteller ecoPayz Skrill You needn’t worry if your payment method of choice isn’t on this list. Most casinos, especially the best ones, …

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Best Casino Games that You Can Play in Indian Casinos

Looking for the Best Casino Games that You Can Play in Indian Casinos? Well, if you are, you are at the right place. Let us now learn more about eight particularly popular real money games that you can play in top Indian Online Casinos. Best Casino Games in India Andar Bahar This is a well-known …

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10 Steps to Revamp Your WordPress Site to Win Over Customers

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The title might look like the sub title of a bestselling self-help book. But, it is not. It is a remedy to help you win over your traditional and unconventional customers. Some business domains have seen customers stop coming to the website, especially those made using WordPress because of outdated designs. However, veteran online marketing …

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10 SEO Considerations to Check Off Before Your Site Goes Live

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Building a website is a time-consuming process, whether you’re a hobbyist who works alone or a professional with a full team behind you. After populating the site with content and developing your front-end, it’s easy to plough ahead and launch the site without sparing a thought for search engine optimisation. This is a massive mistake. …

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10 Joomla Extensions to Flourish Your Online Business

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It is common among business owners, who use Joomla on their websites to crawl the web to find useful extensions for their websites. Joomla is an open source tool. Hence, it requires special components for outstanding performance & scalability. Here are some of the most trusted extensions that Joomla would like to have on your …

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Virtual Web Hosting: The Smarter Choice to Market your Website

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Virtual web hosting is a critical factor for businesses with active websites.  It has become an important tool to put their sites out in the market and make a virtual impact among the people who really matter – their target customers.  The internet is considered a huge virtual marketplace with millions of consumers and investors, …

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5 Tips To Choose The Right Domain For Your Business

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When running a business there are a number of factors you must consider to make your business a success. Particularly when it comes to running an ecommerce store, you have to consider the look of your website, functionality, display issues as well as general marketing. One of the factors that is often overlooked is the …

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10 Essential Concerns Related to CMS

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The underlying data will allow you to contemplate the utmost effective dilemmas confronted while establishing a CMS. It will even offer you some valuable suggestions to make sure that your CMS is user friendly. 1. Modify your Web Page Titles as well as Meta data A great CMS should enable you to select your personal …

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5 Things to Look For in Web Hosting Service Providers

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Nowadays having a website for your business is more than necessary. A couple of decades ago, at the dawn of modern technologies, Internet marketing and social networks, business owners had the option to depend only on the traditional way of advertising. But over the years the Internet has managed to turn the world into a …

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Dedicated or Virtual Private Server, which is best?

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Dedicated or Virtual Private Server? That’s the question! What is a VPS (Virtual Private Server)? Virtual private server, often referred to as ‘VPS’ for short, is a server-side technology where a server is virtually partitioned into separate ‘virtual’ servers, hence their name. Virtual private servers are suitable for hosting websites which have outgrown the shared …

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Good, Bad and Ugly About a Website Hosting Company

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When you log onto the internet to find the perfect website hosting provider, you are bound to become immensely confused; there are literally hundreds of options to choose from, and the choice becomes overwhelming when it’s time to make it. The best web hosting providers are really expensive, and not everyone can afford web hosting …

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